Landscape Lighting

Enjoy your landscape during the day and at night. A creative lighting design can accentuate your landscape, home, and add drama to your property at night. Outdoor lighting is not only aesthetically pleasing by showcasing architectural and plant features, but proper lighting can add safety to your landscape by lighting walkways. A well lit home is a big deterrent to intruders.

Toby's Lawn & Landscape offers landscape lighting using professional grade lighting systems and up to date products specifically selected to meet your landscape lighting needs. We use professional grade, low voltage lighting systems. We have a wide variety of lighting fixtures available to accommodate your lighting needs. Each light is carefully selected and placed to highlight sections of the landscape and the property. These lighting systems require only a 110 volt outlet on the outside of your home or building.

By installing our low voltage outdoor lighting system, you can create safe and unique lighting options that will enhance your property's appearance and appeal into the evening hours.

  1. Beautify your landscape AND your home
  2. Enhance your shrubs, gardens, sidewalks, entryways, and other special features at night
  3. Create security
  4. Make your home safer by lighting high-traffic paths and dangerous stairs
  5. Brighten your outdoor leisure areas such as gazebos, patios, and swimming pools

Our landscape team can plan and install outdoor lighting features that will add drama, aesthetics, safety, and/or security that you are looking for.