See What Other People Are Saying About Us


“Centra Credit Union has been a customer of Toby’s Lawn and Landscape for the past four years and Toby’s has serviced our southern Indiana branches in regards to lawn care , landscaping and winter snow removal . We have been very pleased with our service from Toby’s , they are very proactive in their grounds keeping and have very reasonable pricing . The best testimony I could give is that I almost never have to contact Toby’s as they always take care of our needs and on the rare occasion that I do call , they are very responsive . I would recommend Toby’s to anyone interested in professional grounds keeping .

-Mike Montgomery

Facilities Administrator
Centra Credit Union

“I just wanted to let you know that the guys that are doing our landscaping/lawn mowing are really amazing. When I got out of my car this morning to walk into the building, they actually turned off their lawn mowers until I passed (I’m guessing so that they would not blow grass at or on me), but I have NEVER had that happen. I thought it was so considerate and nice for them to do that. Just wanted to let you know that they are great!”

-Heather Hayworth

Business Analyst
Heartland Payment Systems, Inc.

“You have been one of the highlights of my career. Your honesty and customer commitment has been outstanding.”  
-Danity Clark
Manor House

“We have been so pleased with your service and are so glad we found you. The service we used when we were in Louisville was decent, but your folks are very diligent and professional and really do a terrific job. We are so pleased and definitely will recommend you to our friends!"

-Jessica Cole
Floyd Knobs, IN

“ Thanks so much for getting back to us and so quickly too. We have been so satisfied and impressed with your business and appreciate so much how attentive you are to your customers. That issue is one of the most lacking especially in today's tough economy - it must be difficult to balance it all. Please know how much difference it makes! Thank you."

- Helen & Patricia Murphy