Toby's Lawn & Landscape is a full service lawn care company

Servicing commercial, industrial, and residential accounts. We have been providing quality service in Southern Indiana for more than twenty-five years.

landscape design services

Design & Installation

Commercial & Residential

Well designed landscaping is an investment that makes your property more attractive and valuable.

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year round landscape maintenanceservice

Year Round Maintenance

Providing lasting beauty

Toby's Lawn & Landscape is dedicated to providing our clients with scheduled landscaping maintenance that is fast, reliable, and neat.

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hardscaping service


A critical part of your design

From patios to paths, hardscaping provides definition and a sense of structure to the soft natural landscaped areas.

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landscape irrigation service

Landscape Irrigation

Keeping your landscaping watered

An effective irrigation system is often a crucial feature in your landscape.

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installing sod service

Sod Installation

For new construction and existing landscapes

Lush green sod is often the largest area of your landscape design.

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landscape lighting design and installation service

Landscape Lighting

Creative lighting design adds impact

The right lighting is aesthetically pleasing while adding an extra element of safety.

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hardscaping service

24 Hr Snow Plowing

Snow can't stop your business

We monitor the weather and prepare well in advance so that we are ready when the snow arrives.

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A few tips for our customers

Check all plants weekly. Check newly planted annuals and perennials every few days for the first two weeks. Simply dig around the root ball with your fingers to a depth of 2-3". Water generously when the soil feels dry to the touch.
Watering - Slow, deep watering is preferred. This type of watering is accomplished by placing the hose at the base of a plant, with the flow about the size of a nickel, and water 5-10 minutes for small plants - longer for large plants.
Healthy Environment When the soil feels moist do not water. Soil must be allowed to dry out between waterings. If a plant is maintained in constantly moist soil, the plant's health will deteriorate over time. A plant weakened by over watering may die of oxygen deprivation or become susceptible to pest and disease.
Monitoring water requirements frequently is more important than watering frequently. Monitor your plants' water requirements for at least the first two to three years. Plants close to buildings where heat may reflect and plants under roof eaves require closer monitoring. During the hot summer months and early fall disregard natural rainfall. Often, rain received during these period produces mostly runoff and contributes little, if any, to increasing ground moisture.
Mulch Maintain a 2-3" mulch layer to help conserve ground moisture, prevent weeds and retain moisture. Excess amounts of mulch will result in poor air circulation and reduce plant vigor.

We have been so pleased with your service and are so glad we found you. The service we used when we were in Louisville was decent, but your folks are very diligent and professional and really do a terrific job. We are so pleased and definitely will recommend you to our friends!

J. Cole, Floyd Knobs, IN

We offer quality lawn & landscape care in all seasons.

For your home or your business.